Latest figures point to a ‘womanless jobs recovery’

womens logo purple - 2349A011-3408Women must share equally in recovery, says Unite

March 4th: Speaking in advance of the Congress Women’s Conference in Wexford, Unite Regional Equalities Organiser Taryn Trainor said today that there is no sign of any significant employment growth for women.

“The latest figures show that total employment growth (including self-employed) over the past year was just 1.2 per cent for women.  When it comes to employees, there was only a fractional increase – 0.4 per cent for women, and employment for young women – those aged under 35 – has actually fallen.

“At the same time, nearly one-in-ten women  is under-employed – either working part-time because she cannot access full-time work, or working part-time and unable to get sufficient hours to earn a decent wage.

“All the evidence shows that women were disproportionately impacted by the recession and the austerity response.  Now, we are witnessing a ‘womanless jobs recovery’.

Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly added:

“Since the onset of the economic crisis, Unite has highlighted the disproportionate impact of austerity on those groups who had been bypassed by the economic boom – including low earners, social welfare recipients and many women.  Now, it seems that women are being bypassed by whatever job creation is happening.

“Women must share in an equal recovery”, Jimmy Kelly concluded.

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