Unions ask Bord na Mona CEO to intervene in escalating dispute

Bord na MonaBord na Mona workers locked out in the cold after company tries to impose unilateral changes 

Human resource management taking back seat to ‘asset management’ says union official

November 19th: The Bord na Mona Craft Group of Unions has written to the company’s CEO asking him to intervene in the rapidly escalating dispute at the company’s Blackwater works.  Speaking on behalf of the Craft Group of Unions, Unite official Tom Fitzgerald this morning accused Bord na Mona of effectively locking out workers following the company’s decision to impose new working practices without prior consultation.

Mr Fitzgerald said that the imposition of new working practices without consulting workers in BnM Feedstock Business amounted to what he termed “a flagrant disregard’ of accepted industrial relations procedures”, and he said the situation had been aggravated by the company’s decision to effectively lock workers out following their unwillingness to accept unilateral changes to their contracts of employment.

“Despite the unions’ request that the company produce a document outlining the likely impact of the changes, Bord na Mona has proceeded to introduce the new practices unilaterally. Workers have been left in the dark regarding the likely impact of the proposed changes on their working conditions and pay.  This is in flagrant disregard of accepted industrial relations procedures.  Human resource management appears to be taking a back seat to ‘asset management’.

“On behalf of the Craft Group of Unions, I have today written to Bord na Mona CEO Gabriel Darcy asking him to intervene before this dispute escalates further and we are forced to ballot for industrial action.  I hope we will have a response before the General Meeting of union members due to be held on Thursday, at which we will assess the situation and  decide how to proceed”, Mr Fitzgerald said.

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