Unite NI members attend anti fascist rally in Liverpool

October 14th: Unite the Union in Northern Ireland sent a delegation to the anti fascist rally in Liverpool at the weekend. They joined with more than 5,000 of their comrades from other regions and took part in the celebrating not dividing march and rally in Liverpool’s city centre.

They were told don’t be fooled by last week’s resignations of the English Defence League’s (EDL) co-leaders Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll.  Warning that the spectre of fascism, division and far right extremism still remains, the union urged people to resist far right organisations on the streets and in the workplace.
The march and rally follows a number of attacks on Unite’s Liverpool offices by far right extremists and members of the EDL and the demo saw community groups and trade unions come together to celebrate one community and say ‘no’ to hate.
Commenting,  Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary, said: “The rejection of violence by the EDL’s co-leaders doesn’t mean that the creed of division and racism of the far right haters has disappeared. The EDL may have lost its leaders, but don’t be fooled, the violent thuggery of the fascist far right still stalks our communities. As Nick Griffin of the extremist BNP demonstrates the hard right hatred does not disappear, it merely mutates and tries to gain an air of respectability.
“There can be no room for complacency as the attacks on our offices in Liverpool have shown. Now, more than ever, we need to stand together to celebrate one community and say that there is no place for hate in modern Britain.
“I urge people to send a message of unity and that we will not allow the politics of fear and division to destroy our communities.”
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