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Camden Glass, part of Camden Group, to close Benburb plant at cost of 65 jobs

Management must compensate workers who now redundancy for their long-service and commitment Union questions whether any Invest NI grant-aid contributed to decision to cut jobs January 21st: Unite Regional Officer Joanne McWilliams, responsible for Unite’s membership at Camden Glass, a … Continue reading

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Ministers must legislate to extend same protections and reproductive rights to women in Northern Ireland

One thousand women from Northern Ireland travel to Britain to get a termination January 7th: Responding to a statement by incoming First Minister, Arlene Foster, that she would not be supporting the extension of the abortion rights to women in … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland Executive must seize opportunities and invest to grow a modern economy and raise living standards for all

Ireland Secretary of Unite, Jimmy Kelly, to launch his union’s economic proposals document at Long Gallery, Stormont today October 28th: Jimmy Kelly, Ireland Secretary for Unite will launch his union’s twenty-page discussion document ‘Growing the Economy & Living Standards’ today … Continue reading

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Jimmy Kelly welcomes signals that NI Executive is unlikely to lower corporation tax

Race-to-the-bottom competition for tax haven status will not deliver Parties need to adopt a proactive approach to growing a productive, balanced economy Ireland Secretary for Unite, Jimmy Kelly, welcomed comments by DFP Minister Arlene Foster signalling that the NI Executive … Continue reading

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NERI data confirms Northern Ireland has suffered worst decline in living standards

Northern Ireland average living standards now the lowest of any UK region Need for NI Executive to re-think economic policy and focus on expanding manufacturing base April 13: Unite’s Regional Secretary, Jimmy Kelly, indicated that the latest research provided by Tom … Continue reading

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