September 2022: Sixth Irish Policy Conference

Unite’s Sixth Irish Policy Conference of Unite will be held during the week of 19th September 2022. Delegates to the Conference will be elected from the Regional Industrial Sector Committees, Area Activists’ Committee, Regional Equality Committees, Youth Committee and Retired Members’ Committee. A breakdown of the delegates will be circulated to these Committees in April/May.

In the meantime, Motions are being invited from all Branches, Regional Industrial Sector Committees, Area Activists’ Committees, Regional Equality Committees, Regional Youth Committee and Regional Retired Members’ Committee. Click here to download further details.

Motions must be submitted using this form. Click here for some information on how to write a motion.

Motions must be sent by e-mail in Microsoft Word format (or the text in the body of an e-mail) to For verification purposes, the original completed and signed motion form should be either scanned/photocopied and sent to the above e-mail address, or sent by post for the attention of:

Janet Murphy
Unite the union
Unite House
55/56 Middle Abbey Street
Dublin 1
D01 200X
Republic of Ireland

Completed forms must be received no later than close of business on Thursday March 31st.

This page will be regularly updated, so please do check back.