Regional Young Members

Young Members’ Conference

Arrangements are now in place for the Regional Young Members’ Conference in Ireland that will involve all young members in our region.

Please click here to download the calling notice to this Conference, which includes the necessary forms for members to complete if they wish to attend and/or be nominated to the Young Members’ Committee. If members require a printed copy of the paperwork, please contact your local Unite Office who will be happy to assist.

Agenda for the Young Members’ Conference 2022

Agenda for the Young Members’ Committee 2022

The Conference will determine the Union’s strategy for Young Members in this Region as well as electing the Regional Young Members’ Committee which will lead this membership between the Triennial Conferences. The Conference will be open to all young members (members 30 years and under); this includes young Community members.

To view the composition of the Committee, please click here. Please click here for Guidance for Fulltime Officers and Staff for the purpose of organising and running the event.

Please note that this page has been set up for access to information for reps/full-time officers/staff in Ireland. It will be updated over the coming weeks with guidance/agendas/standing orders/dates of meetings/elections to higher bodies etc.

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