Mental Health Survey

Uite mental health memeResearch into Mental Health as a Workplace Issue

The purpose of this research is to provide an evidence base for Unite the Union on its members’ views on mental health as a workplace issue, how it impacts on them as workers and the socio-political context.  The research will also explore the supports available and /or needed on the workplace. This evidence base will be utilized to inform Unite’s and the wider labour movement’s  policy and lobbying activities on mental health as a workplace issue,   and will specifically aim to identify any specific workplace issues which might impact on workers their partners and families and the responsibility of the employer.

The Survey

As a member of Unite you are invited to participate in the research project outlined above which is being conducted by Unite the Union. Participation in this research is entirely voluntary.  The survey will take about 15 minutes to finish and is completely anonymous.

Some of the questions deal with potentially sensitive issues such as your own mental health history. Should you find any of the questions upsetting you can stop your participation at any time. You can also use this list of useful contacts should you wish to seek support regarding any of the issues raised within the survey.

By participating in this questionnaire you will have the opportunity to  share your views on the issue of mental health as a workplace issue, reflect on your personal experiences and ultimately improve the approach and services  offered by employers.

Click on this link to take the survey: