2022 Constitutional Meetings and Conferences

The following Regional constitutional meetings will take place between 3rd  & 27th May 2022 and Representatives elected to these committees will hold office until 2025.

Please click here for Guide on who to invite to meetings and conferences in 2022, and here to view an extract of the Executive Council Guidance on Rule 6 (lay office).

Please click here to download a copy of the Unite Policy on Harassment Dignity and Respect for the attention of members attending their respective Conference, and here to view and download a copy of the Executive Council Statement on Equality.

If members require a printed copy of any documentation, please contact your local Unite Office who will be happy to assist.

Please note that this page has been set up for access to information for reps/full-time officers/staff in Ireland. It will be updated over the coming weeks with guidance/agendas/standing orders/dates of meetings/elections to higher bodies etc.

Constitutional Unit

Ireland Region